Jazz Peh
Co-Founder, CODEON
July 4th, 2018 · 6 min read

How Technology is Shaping Businesses in 2018?

It is an undeniable fact that modern technology has impacted our lifestyle up to a great extent. It has not only affected how we live but also the way we work. Internet of things and automation of various procedures have helped a great deal in increasing the efficiency of appliances installed in our home and office.

Business organizations are also making full use of the advent of technology. From face recognition attention system of employees to payroll management, all the major aspects are now digitalised. Read on to know how technology is going to shape business by the end of the year 2018.

New Trends in Website Design and Development

The website of a business serves as a platform to engage and attract users. Almost every business, in this modern world, has a website for having an online identity. The new trends in website development and design are going to surge up in the future that will enhance the user experience. For example, it is predicted that websites with the voice-controlled interface will become common in 2018. Furthermore, webVR is another trend to look out for that will help to grab maximum eyeballs.

The Future lies in the Mobile Technology

Inarguably the future lies in the mobile technology. Therefore, business entities have now turned their focus towards mobile technology in order to garner the interest of mobile users. Most businesses now have dedicated apps for users to provide them a platform where they can easily buy their products and/or services. This trend will continue to evolve in 2018 as well. Implementation of mobile technology will become a vital part of every business’s plan. More focus will be put on mobile app design and development for enhanced user experience.

Increased Dependency on Artificial Intelligence

2018 will see increased dependency on artificial intelligence. The product life cycle is expected is to be automated. Major aspects of the production phase in manufacturing companies and their operations are predicted to be dealt with artificial intelligence. As discussed above, face recognition, a prominent example of this technology, is already used widely in different sectors.

Integration of Systems

Instead of big data, system integration will be the trend in 2018. In simple words, it is the use and application of different systems in an office or a workplace. These systems are integrated in a proper manner and provide convenience to the managers. More workplaces are believed to implement this technology in 2018.

A Final Word

To cut the long story short, the effects of digital technology are there to be seen already in the business sector. However, it is further going to influence the operations and various other aspects of businesses by the end of this year. The trend of the mobile workplace will be in full swing and the popularity of internet of things and cloud technology is going to rise as well.