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Kiat Lee Landscape & Building

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Leading Company in the Landscape Sector of Singapore

Kiat Lee Landscape & Building is a leading company serving since last 25 years in Singapore. Some of the primary functions of this company include landscaping and recycling. Furthermore, it also deals with horticulture waste management and maintenance. Certified with ISO, the company is a proud owner of two recycling plants in Singapore. Through these plants, they provide zero waste solutions. Kiat Lee Landscape & Building is also a member of different organisations working on national and international level i.e. Landscape Industry Association of Singapore (LIAS) and of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) among others. They are a renowned name in Singapore as they have served numerous government and private bodies along with well-known hotels, parks, and factories with their superlative services.

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Balance Tracking System

CODEON is responsible for providing Kiat Lee Landscape & Building with a balanced tracking system. This system ensures there is no delay between operations in the head office and dispatching of orders in the manufacturing area.

Kiat Lee Balance System
Kiat Lee Logistic System


Customer Logistic System

With the digitalisation of Kiat Lee Landscape & Building, it now boasts of a proficient customer logistic system. With this system, customers can now place the order conveniently and track its status as well.